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View our Division Newsletter made by our lovely News Editor, Sammy Nguyen!


What’s poppin’ Giraffes! My name is Gerard Day, and I have the prestigious honor of

serving as your NEW Lieutenant Governor for the 2022-2023 term! I am so beyond excited

for what this year has in store for us, and I cannot wait to see the incredible memories and

accomplishments we’ll make this term! 


A little bit about me is I currently am a Junior, soon to be senior, at Upland High School.

I’m a part of the AP/Honors program, Boys Varsity Volleyball, Choir, and a few other clubs!

I love to cook, sing, and hang out with friends in my free time too!


As for this term, now that we are approaching a term that is hopefully entirely in-person, I really want to connect and bond with the members and officers of our Division to create those relationships we weren’t able to make online. 


I hope this term is filled with growth and love, and once again, I cannot wait to serve you all! Key Club is my YELLOW, and I promise you, by the end of this term, it will be your YELLOW too. 


Taking Service to New Heights,

Gerard Day

D15N Lieutenant Governor 2022-2023



Member of the Month: Jordan Santa Ana, Etiwanda

Officer of the Month: Janet Ngo, Claremont

Club of the Month: Alta Loma

Faculty Advisor of the Month: Ms. Vagnozzi, Upland-Foothill

Kiwanis Advisor of the Month: Mr. Lovelady, Upland-Foothill




key club international

Join our reminds:

Text "d15n23"to 810-10 if you're a senior,

Text "d15n24"to 810-10 if you're a junior,

Text "d15n25" to 810-10 if you're a sophomore,

Text "d15n26" if you're a freshman!


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Hello Giraffes!


I am your 2022-2023 Division Tech Editor! I also currently serve Etiwanda Key Club as their President and previously served as their '21-'22 Vice President and '20-'21 Historian. I'm an incoming senior and I've been in Key Club since I was a freshman! I hope I get the chance to meet everyone reading this. Many of you will see me at events taking pictures with my camera, so please feel free to say hi to me, I would love to become your friend! I'm thankful for this wonderful opportunity to be of service of you and to our community, so if you ever need me, feel free to contact me whenever! Together, we can make this term a great one. 


Serving with a smile, 


Lorelei Viernes

Division 15 North Tech Editor 2022-2023

Region 13 | Cali-Nev-Ha

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